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What people are saying about alex winters...

“Alex Winters is the perfect combination of rocker chick meets girl next door. She is an accomplished Pop/Rock/Indie, Singer & Songwriter - based in Georgetown, Texas. Her songs come from “fly on the wall” like observation, behind the doors of everyday life. The lyrics hit home, because they’re largely made up of that primary human emotion: desire.” — Toni Styles, Rhythm & Ruffle

“She has a hip rock sound with a touch of throwback sophistication. The lyrics are witty and wise.” — Bree Noble, Women of Substance

“This album [Starting Over] embodies all of the raw symptoms of a hopeless romantic. A great album for gazing into the eyes of a loved one or taking a relaxing bath after a hard week of work. Whatever the case, you won't be disappointed if you simply close your eyes and just let your mind wander.” — 360 Mag

“If you’re an Aimee Mann fan, you’ll really dig this song by Alex Winters called “One More.” It’s my personal favorite track from the indie singer/songwriter’s latest CD, “Starting Over.” The song has a really catchy chorus that I just can’t seem to get out of my head!” — Katie Sevigny, Lady Indie